Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma, also called maxillofacial injury, is any type of injury or damage that has occurred to the face and upper jawbone. Injuries most commonly associated with this type of trauma are cuts on the face and around the mouth, bruises around the eyes, breaks in the skin, difficulty in breathing because of swelling and bleeding, loss of teeth, fractures of the jaw or jaws, and changes in feelings to the facial region. These symptoms of facial trauma are typically due to physical interactions with the face and head in automobile accidents and violence.

When working with a patient experiencing facial trauma, we strive to emphasize both our care in restoring complete functionality to the face and jaws and the importance of re-establishing appearance and identity. We understand the physical and emotional side effects that come along with this type of experience and that is why we take pleasure in offering our patients a high degree of oral & maxillofacial surgery.

If you have questions regarding this procedure and/or would like to talk to someone here at the office, please contact us.

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